Gilt bowl: This is how India has changed, according to the ‘gilt bowl’

A gilt restaurant in the city of Pune has been transformed into a gilt bowling alley, after being acquired by a developer.

Gilt bowls are bowls made of gilt silver that have a unique look and feel.

In the Gilt Bowls, customers sit on the bowl in front of a video screen.

They are shown bowls of various sizes and designs.

The bowls can be used to buy and sell goods and services such as wine, food, drinks, household items and other products.

The owner of the Gild Bowls told NDTV that it has been one of the most popular bowls in the village for years.

He added that he decided to make the bowl after seeing a gild bowl being made in the States.

Gild bowls can also be rented for private parties, which is also a major tourist attraction.

The owners also said that it was the first time they had a gilded bowl in India.