Adidas unveils new gilt fund, boots, cufflinks,gift vouchers, cufflink set

Adidas has unveiled its new gilded fund, new boots and cufflinks to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, and it’s a new idea. 

The company said it will launch the gilt hampers and gilt boots, which will come in a range of sizes, at the start of next year.

“We are celebrating the centenaries of the battles that took place in our world with our brand gilt.

It’s a bold statement to announce our brand’s heritage in gilt products and we think it’s just right,” Adidas CEO Carlos Queiroz told Reuters.

The gilt funds will be launched in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“The gilding of history has always been part of our brand heritage and we have long admired its heritage and the impact it had on our world,” Queirox said.

“With our new gilded shoes, boots and gilded cufflinks we are celebrating our centenary by reflecting the people and soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

The gilded gilts will be made from wool and leather.

Adidas said the new gilts would feature an authentic colour and look.

The company says it will offer the gilds to soldiers and other civilians in exchange for cash or goods. 

“The opportunity to buy gilt items is part of a wider strategy of investing in our global business and ensuring that our customers’ expectations for quality are met,” Queirez said.

The new gifts will also be sold online and on the company’s website.

The brand is also releasing gilt cufflinks.

They will be available at, the company said.