Gilt com, gossaming, and gilt-com: Gilt, gilt com… and gussing?

gilt, a slang term for “gilt” or “gift,” can refer to jewelry, clothing, and/or cosmetics, often referred to as gilt.

The term gilt has been used since at least the 1700s to refer to anything of value in the marketplace, and has been a popular reference in English-speaking countries.

gilt is also a slang phrase for “white” or a “black person.”

Some countries have a gilt law that bans or restricts the wearing of gilt clothing or jewelry.

The United States has no such law.

In the United Kingdom, gilts are illegal to wear unless they are purchased in a store and marked with a gill, gillum, or gilt emblem.

In France, the gilt word is gilt d’accouche, meaning “gilding” or having an “accoutrement” made of gold.

The gilt in gilt means “to hang,” and the word gilt also means “good” or something valuable.

The word gilding also refers to a type of jewellery or accessories made from gold.

In Australia, gildings are legal and widely worn.

In Denmark, gilted jewelry is illegal to sell unless accompanied by a valid identification.

Gilt is a slang word for “black” or an “African American.”

Some languages have a different meaning, such as gilts.

In English, the word “gilted” is a shortened form of “gill,” and gill is the generic term for any jewellery made of pure gold.