What the auction house said about the auction of my gilt from the sale of my £20,000 house

The auction house behind a gilt-selling auction has said it sold a £20m house in the UK last month.

Gilt-Selling auction house Rüst has said on its website that it bought the house from its owner in December 2016 for £20 million, the equivalent of £11.8m at today’s prices.

The house is located on the island of St John’s in the Northumberland seaside town of St Andrews.

The buyer’s name has not been made public.

The auction house says the house is “the finest example of British gilt in its class”, and is worth “a world record price”.

“The house was in great condition, it was fully restored, the original fittings and fittings fittings were used, it has all the features of a standard English house, its very tidy, and the home itself is absolutely beautiful,” it says.

“It is the only gilt house of its class that we have ever had in the United Kingdom and has a world record value.

The seller had been selling the house for over a decade and had hoped to sell it at auction.

Rüst’s chief executive, Simon Denniston, said: “The home has been in our family for more than 40 years and we can’t wait to get it back to the people who own it.

“I am proud to have been part of the team that bought the property and hope it will be worth more than the price paid by the buyer.”

The house in St Johns was sold at auction to an unnamed buyer in December.

Denniston said the buyer was an “international family”.

“We have no idea who the buyer is but we are sure they are well worth the money they paid for it,” he said.