How to look for the next gold rush in the commodities market

A new commodity index is being developed for the US and UK, according to reports.

The index is called Gilt Me and it is intended to highlight the emerging market economies and the emerging asset classes.

The aim is to give the market more insight into where the next big boom is likely to be.

GiltMe is being created to provide a broad view of emerging markets and the assets that are being priced at a higher price than they were previously, according the Financial Times.

This is the fourth major index created in the last year, according Reuters.

The US and British indexes are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Investors are also starting to look at the US index as a benchmark for determining which assets are likely to have a good shot at taking over the global financial markets.

A separate index called GildContact is being introduced for UK investors, and is expected to follow the US market closely.

It aims to provide an index of global contacts, as well as provide an analysis of potential assets, according Business Insider.

The GildMe index is the latest product to hit the market.

The first GiltMentor was launched in May last year.

It tracks the value of gold and other precious metals, with the aim of showing investors what the market is currently pricing.

A second index, GiltContactGold, was launched earlier this year and it was followed by the first GildGold, which was launched last month.

A third index, a gold index called GoldCore, was announced in August.

GoldCore is designed to provide investors with a better understanding of the gold market in terms of market caps and their impact on the world economy.

The world’s gold miners are in for a bit of a shock if gold crashes below $1,000 an ounce this year.

Gold is expected lower than that and the price could fall back below $400 an ounce by 2021.

Investors have been taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether gold prices will bounce back and how big a hit gold will take on the global economy, according CNBC.

Gold will likely be a key factor in determining whether or not the global economic crisis is averted, as it could lead to higher interest rates, according a report by The Economist.