‘Gravity Falls’ Season 2 premieres May 10th with ‘Grimm’ premiere in May

When it comes to the world of Gravity Falls, there’s always something new and exciting to see, and the show has certainly proven its ability to capture that spirit.

The latest episode of the beloved series, titled “Grimms End,” sees the group embark on an epic journey, traveling to different parts of the world to stop the villainous Dark Moon from turning Earth into a dark, dangerous place.

But the journey can also include a little extra help from the folks at Gilt, who have offered an authentic, gold-quality gilt version of one of the characters.

“We’re making this to be a unique experience for fans to enjoy, which is what we’ve always done, and that’s why we’re doing this.

When you see the gilt, you can tell it’s the real deal,” Gilt CEO Mike DeLuca said.

“When you get the gilded version, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the gilts realness, right?'”

When fans can actually get their hands on the gilded version of the character in the new season, that’ll be a pretty big deal, but we’re also excited to finally have a chance to experience it in person.

“Grimmel is a special and iconic character in our universe, so when we got the opportunity to bring him back for the second season, we were all, like, OMG, what are we gonna do with him?

He’s a character that’s such an iconic part of our show and we’re excited to bring that character back,” DeLucas said.

The gilded gilt edition of Gravity’s Falls will retail for $1,995, while a standard gilt will retail at $1; if you want to add a few more dollars to your investment, you’ll also be able to add the “Gimmel” title.

“The gilds are going to be more than just a fun, geeky novelty, but will be a true representation of the iconic character, as well as our brand,” Gilds spokesperson Jennifer Coyle said.

The gild will go on sale to fans on May 10 at 12:01am ET.