What will the gilt be worth when we’re done?

It’s almost a certainty that the football team of Preston North End will be celebrating its first win of the season.

It’s a triumph, but the season’s also been an utter disaster.

They were promoted to the Premier League by the Championship and failed to make the semi-finals of either the Capital One Cup or the FA Cup, with only the latter being played in their home ground.

Their worst performance came at the hands of the bottom-of-the-table Bradford City, who are now two points clear of second-bottom Manchester United.

Now, after a series of poor results, the club’s owners are ready to make a fresh start.

It would seem to make sense, therefore, that the team’s new owner, Stuart White, would give the team a fresh makeover.

As it stands, the players are set to start the new season in a new kit.

It will be a brand-new look, as well as new players.

But the old looks, the old colours, the lack of goals and the lacklustre performances, will remain.

And, of course, a new badge and a new name.

There is a good reason why White is making the changes.

A new football manager has come in.

The club has lost seven of its last eight games, and the players have fallen behind the likes of Everton, Swansea City and Fulham in the table.

That’s the same Fulham who won the Premier Leagues title last season, a club that has won the last six, and was promoted to League One.

The new manager has been promoted to a level that the players deserve.

But it’s the new manager that is responsible for a number of changes that will have a huge impact on the team.

The old manager Stuart White has not been able to change things up.

Source: Getty Images White has been out of the game since January.

He replaced Steve Bruce in March, and while he was able to bring in the likes-new striker Jamie Vardy, there was no way that he was going to make changes to the squad.

He also didn’t manage to bring the likes that the fans were expecting.

With this new manager in charge, it’s a question of whether or not they can bring back the excitement that has come with the team winning titles in the last few seasons.

There are some promising players who could help the squad make a big step forward.

But as it stands now, the squad looks like a ragtag bunch of players with no common thread.

They are a collection of players who can do nothing but give the fans a lift, but are unable to make an impact. 

White is trying to turn the club around.

There has been some positive news this week, with the appointment of John Barker as his new boss.

Barker is the current manager at Portsmouth, who was the club boss under the old boss Gary Bowyer in 2009.

Barker was instrumental in Portsmouth’s return to the top flight, and he has the experience to bring a fresh approach to the club.

He has won four Premier League titles in six seasons, and also managed two English cup finals.

He would be an excellent choice for the role of new manager.

Barker has experience of managing big clubs and the likes in the Premier and the Championship.

The man will bring with him the right kind of attitude and attitude to make Preston North East a more attractive destination for the fans. 

The most important player to bring with Barker to Preston North is 19-year-old striker Jamie Carragher.

The midfielder is an exciting prospect who is a threat in front of goal.

He can run and move with the pace of a winger and is also quick enough to pick out passes from defenders.

Carragher has already scored seven goals this season, and is one of the most exciting young talents in the country.

He is one player that White will need to make sure that he does not lose in January. 

Barker was brought in to make things more attractive for the supporters.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Carragher, and it has not worked out.

He was not even named as the club captain. 

He has had to work hard in his first season as a manager at Preston North, but he has been rewarded with success. 

It’s a big win for the club, but it also represents a big blow to Carragher’s future.

It was hoped that he would sign a new contract with the club when he joined the club in February, but that contract was terminated after a row with owner Paul Little. 

Carragher is not a flashy player, and does not have a lot going for him.

He does not score as often as he should, and his lack of quality at the other end of the pitch is evident.

Carragh is not the type of player who is going to score many goals for the team, but there are some positives