A New York woman says she was denied the chance to donate blood because of her heritage

NEW YORK — A Queens woman says a blood donation program that allowed her to donate plasma to treat a man with leukemia has discriminated against her.

Mary Ann Cipriano says she has been turned away for nearly two years from the program, the Red Cross Blood Drive.

The program is designed to help people in the New York City area who are struggling with the disease and those in need.

Cipranos mother, a New York native, says she’s received about $1,000 in donations from the Red and White Bloods program.

Ciprianos mother has had multiple blood transfusions over the years and has used plasma for about five years, but was turned away from the red and white program because of Ciprenos heritage.

She said the red blood drive was supposed to help those in the blood shortage area.

“We don’t get enough blood from this area,” Ciprians mother said. “We don