Why you can’t wear a pair of government gilt winter booties to the office

By PETER BIRKARDEN and MARK FERRARIAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) The United States is getting its first look at a gilt-blasted version of the government’s prized gold bullion.

The U.S. Treasury Department says it plans to roll out the first official gilt boot at the Treasury Department, which oversees the government securities.

The department plans to begin accepting bids for the boot on Monday.

The government said the boot will come with the U.N. stamping authority and the official Gilt Bureau stamp, and that it will be manufactured by a company based in Germany.

It is a welcome addition to the government gilds and is designed to reflect the unique quality and history of gilt and other high-quality American gold, which has been tarnished by the recent economic crisis.

Gilt is the best way to recognize and protect the high quality of U..

S.-issued gold bullions.

But the government says its first official gold boot is an important step toward protecting the public from counterfeiters.

The Treasury Department announced the plan in a press release on Monday evening, calling it a way to protect the nation’s currency and the economy from counterfeit threats.

The gilt boots will feature a gold foil gilt trim on the bottom, a gold trim on both sides, a brass insert on the inner side, a silver inner heel and a gold inner lining.

The boot will be made of high-grade, gold-plated steel with a protective metal strip at the base of the boot to protect against fingerprints.

The shoe will also be made from gold-pressed American-made gold, and the inner lining will have a copper coating.

The boot will retail for $350.