The Best Stock Gilt Miniatures You’ll Find in 2018

A new year brings an abundance of stock gilts, but if you’re looking for some seriously cool ones, you’ll need to look no further than the one in the video above.

The stock gilding, or gilt mini, is an old art form that uses an intricate and highly intricate patterned design.

It can range from a plain silver color to a gorgeous gold, with even a little bit of pink and orange being quite wearable.

The gilt edge miniatures are also great for any gilt style, which can range in size from one inch to two inches wide.

It’s not always the best way to display your miniatures, as they tend to get overlooked by the larger gilt miniatures.

So if you want something with some serious gilt flair, go ahead and give these a try.

If you’re not a fan of gilt gildings, don’t worry, the other options are still pretty good as well.