India’s first private-sector bank, First Mysore Bank, to open in Kolkata, Bengaluru

The private-bank chain First Miesore Bank has said it will open its first branch in Bengaluru on Thursday.

The bank has also set up a special committee to take care of the project.

The branch will open at the new Kolkatta Metro station in Bengalurovur area.

First Moesore Bank is the largest private bank in India and has a total assets of Rs 1,000 crore.

It has been planning to open a branch in Karkhachal in Karnataka.

The private lender was recently approved for banking licences from the Central Bank of India.

The bank said it was planning to establish a branch at Kolkato Metro Station in Bengalur area on the outskirts of Kolkatapuram.

It will be the first private branch in the country.

The new branch will be operational in five to seven years.

First Mysor Bank is part of the First Mervis Group which also includes Bank of Maharashtra and State Bank of Bengaluru.

The First Mitzor Group had its headquarters in Bengalurekha in West Bengal.

First Mizor Bank has branches in Gujarat, Gujarat and Rajasthan.