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GOLD BELY, Queensland, Australia (AP) — Gilt glam is glam.

That’s the motto for the gold-plated bars and clubs that opened their doors in Queensland’s Gold Coast in the 1960s.

Today, Gold Streights and Gilt Platinum Bars, both located on Brisbane’s Gold Hill, have more than 1 million customers.

Gilt has long been the go-to glam bar and nightclub in Queensland, and it is not hard to see why.

From the glittering neon signs of Gilt, which are decorated with glittery glittery gold, to the glittery music and the sound system, to a relaxed vibe and an outdoor patio that seats more than 50 people, Goldstreights and Platinum Bars have a unique appeal that locals are loving.

“People love that Gilt is in the Gold Coast and we have a lot of people that come here to relax and enjoy a drink,” said Gold Streight owner James O’Keefe.

“They like to go to the bar to play pool or have a drink and not really care who it is, it’s a great place to do that.”

A lot of the bar owners come from other parts of Queensland and they come here because they love Gold Streighter and Platinum Bar.

People have a great time and they enjoy themselves.

“Gold Streights opened its doors in 1962 on the Gold Hill and in its heyday, it was the heart of the city.

In the 1970s, it became the Goldfields’ hottest bar.

Nowadays, GoldStreights is located at the corner of Gold Hill Road and the Brisbane River, where the Gold Streighters and Platinum bars can be found.

“The bar was always a favourite of the Goldfield generation.””

We started here in 1962 and we still have a couple of the old bar locations that are still going strong,” he said.

“The bar was always a favourite of the Goldfield generation.”

It was a great community and they were a lot like us, but they also had their own unique tastes.

“It was very, very relaxed, it didn’t feel like you were in a nightclub.”

Mr Sargant said GoldStreight was a popular place for locals to relax with a drink, as it had a large indoor patio that had seating for up to 50 people.

“There was a lot going on in Gold Streengers bar at the time.

We had the world’s biggest neon sign and we had a huge music stage, there was a TV screen and we also had a pool table and bar,” he added.

GoldStreights owner Mike Sargon says it was a safe and enjoyable environment for the people of Gold Streirds.

“We had lots of good people here.

It was a place to relax, have a good time and be a part of the community,” he explained.

“There were also people that came here to work, to make money and there were a few people who came here for drugs.”

The bar is now home to a variety of activities including the Gold Bar and a children’s playground.

“Gold Streighters is a very popular bar for the Goldies, the Golds and the Gold Gals.

We have lots of Gold Belies, Gold Platinum Belies and Gold Streasters that have come to Gold Streiths,” he continued.”

You might find a friend or get a job, that’s why we have this club.””

If you’re a Gold Streeker, you’re going to get a lot out of it.

You might find a friend or get a job, that’s why we have this club.”

In 2008, GoldBely was sold and GoldGlymers opened in Brisbane.

Now, GoldGles and GoldStreiths are open year round.

The Gold Streands also has a lounge, pool table, bar and a large outdoor patio for patrons to enjoy a glass of wine or enjoy a snack.

“The Gold Streames are just amazing,” said James Odeley, a GoldStreighter who lives in Queensland.

“I’m not really a fan of glitter bars and I don’t think people know what a glitter bar is.”

GoldStreings was once one of the most popular bars in Queensland and today, it is one of Australia’s biggest bars.

The bars in Brisbane also have an indoor patio with seating for over 50 people that can seat up to 500 people.