US travel giant Gilt offers US travelers cash back on hotel stays and flights

US travel company Gilt is launching a loyalty program that gives its US customers the chance to earn cash back from hotels and flights when they book through its website.

The program, called Gilt Travel, offers up to 50% cash back for domestic flights, hotel stays, and travel to US destinations from Gilt’s US customers.

“We are excited to be partnering with Gilt to expand our loyalty program to more customers worldwide,” Gilt CEO Rob Pardo said in a statement.

“Travel is the number one reason Americans travel, and Gilt has been a leader in providing value to our customers since its inception.”

The Gilt travel program will launch in the US in late November and the company expects it will expand globally in the coming months.

It is also available in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada, Pardo added.

Gilt, founded in 2012, has over 3,000 hotels, airlines, and airlines-owned brands, including the world’s largest airline, Southwest.