What’s the story of the Gilt Edge Dairy and How They’re Making It Gilded

The Gilt edge Dairy is one of the oldest and largest dairy companies in Canada, established in 1902 and still owned by its founders, George and Susan Coker.

In the 1940s, George Coker and his family purchased the dairy in the early 1970s.

The company, which today is owned by a private group, was bought by the family in 2014 for $2.2 billion.

The family has remained the majority shareholder, with Susan Cokers remaining as the company’s president and CEO.

The business was founded on the principle of creating a better milk by incorporating a new manufacturing process into the manufacturing process, which allowed the milk to last longer and be more efficient.

The Cokers family also bought the business from the dairy.

The dairy now produces cheese, cheese butter and milk.

“The family decided to go with an innovative approach,” said Jean-Baptiste Brosset, CEO of the Coker Group, in an interview with CBC News.

“It was a very strategic move.”

The family purchased Gilt dairy in 2008 and expanded the operation to the United States.

The farm currently produces 4,500 tonnes of milk annually, but the family wants to grow.

“We will continue to invest in Gilt Dairy for years to come and hope to become the biggest producer in the world,” Brossets said.

“Gilt Dairy has the potential to become one of Canada’s most important dairy producers, as well as one of our biggest export markets.”

The dairy is the world’s largest producer of dairy products, with more than 80 per cent of its sales coming from the U.S. and Mexico.

The owners hope to double its annual production to 30,000 tonnes by 2040.

In 2016, the company announced it had reached a new deal with the United Kingdom.

That deal allowed it to increase its annual output from 2,300 tonnes to 2,500.

The current deal with U.K. dairy giant LactoSmithKline has an estimated annual production of 3,500,000 litres.

The U.KS. is Canada’s second-largest dairy exporter.

The Gilded Edge Dairy is the third-largest producer of cheese and butter in Canada and is the only dairy company in the country to produce dairy products in all of the major U. K. regions.

According to the company, it is the most valuable dairy company and was valued at $3.5 billion in 2016.

The Dairy has a long history of being the source of income for the Cokers’ family.

The couple opened the first Gilt shop in 1904 and moved to the farm in 1949.

“I think that our family was very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to start a dairy and grow it to where it is today,” Susan Cokes said.