The Gilt City exhale: ‘I’m not interested in the money’

Gilt city, the Australian capital, is getting ready to launch a GiltCity-branded wine festival that will bring together a diverse group of artists and foodies, as well as locals, to share their best foodie moments from the city’s streets.

The festival, to take place on October 27, will showcase live entertainment, art, music, and cultural events that are taking place across the city, and be followed by a gilt show at the Sydney Opera House on November 5.

In addition to its first event, Gilt will also launch a series of curated events for local businesses and events.

GiltCityExpo, a partnership between Gilt and the Australian Museum, is a unique opportunity for Australian businesses and people to come together to celebrate Australia’s diversity and multiculturalism.

“Gilt CityExpo is a special opportunity to show off our rich heritage and unique local flavour, and also to showcase our many cultural influences,” said Gilt CEO, Scott Withers.

As the official wine festival for Gilt, the festival will be held in the Gilt Gardens and will feature performances, food and drinks, a gilded mirror display and gilt-themed events.

Gilt, which was founded in 2004, is one of the fastest growing Australian wine producers and produces more than 70 wines in Australia each year.

Australian wine is currently ranked number six on the Global Wine Survey.

With more than 2,500 hectares (5,000 acres) of land in the city centre, Gilts city boasts the world’s largest wine industry and its proximity to Melbourne has given the city a significant presence in the Australian wine market.

Its first wine festival will kick off with a free event at the Gila and be attended by local business and industry leaders.