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A glass bong is a small, round plastic container, usually used to store a lot of liquids or other liquids, that holds up to 20-30 drops of a particular liquid.

It’s a pretty simple contraption, but the possibilities are endless with its combination of technology, creativity, and imagination.

Here are the most awesome glass bongs ever made:A bong with a clear glass container on top.

This is the world’s largest glass banger, made by an Israeli company called Glass Banger Studio.

It has a clear bowl and a clear rim on top of it.

This design is similar to the one that’s seen in this picture, with a hole in the top for the rim to sit on.

Here’s a close-up of the glass container.

It is made from a plastic material that has a smooth, flexible surface, like plastic.

It can bend and bend, which makes it extremely useful for a bong.

The glass container in the picture above is actually made from an aluminum alloy, and the bong pictured above is made of a metal alloy.

The bong in the right photo is made with a polypropylene bowl that has been coated with a special resin.

The polypropene bowl contains a layer of resin that’s known to increase the water resistance of the bongs.

You can see how this is used in the banger pictured in the first picture.

It’s also been found that polypropenes are a better conductor of heat than glass.

The resin used in these bongs has the same properties as glass, but is much easier to clean.

Here’s a picture of the polyprophene bowl in action.

This banger has an air chamber that’s made of plastic, so it has the ability to hold a lot more air.

The air chamber is filled with liquid, and a small piece of foil is attached to the end of the tube so the liquid doesn’t evaporate.

It makes the bangers heat-proof.

The cool thing about this banger is that it uses a glass bowl to store the liquid, instead of a clear plastic container.

This is great for a cool-down bong, but it makes it difficult to remove the glass from the glass bangers.

Glass bongs are pretty simple, with just a clear tube.

But they can be pretty sophisticated, with more features and features that you don’t see in a normal glass bingo bong or glass bender.

Some glass benders use bongs with a single handle and a ring, while others have a single ring that connects to the glass tube.

There are many glass bidders, and they all have their own unique and unique design, but there are also plenty of glass bucks.

Here are some of our favorite glass bucky bongs made by the glass makers.

These glass buckets have a clear, plastic tube, and are made by J&H Glass.

These bucky baskets are pretty much just like a normal banger.

Here they are shown with a glass binder, a tube, a handle, and even a ring.

These bucky buckets are great for cold water.

The tubing is just a little bit thicker than normal bangers, and it’s wrapped in a rubberized material to keep the tubing from melting.

They’re made from polypropylene and aluminum alloy.

The glass biner is also made from plastic.

The polypropane tube in the second picture is also known as polypropylebond, and is an alloy of aluminum and polypropynylene.

The aluminum is a non-toxic material, and there are a lot other benefits to polypropy.

This biner has a little more than 30 drops of liquid inside.

This glass bucker is a little different than other glass buns in that it’s made from glass instead of polypropyne.

There are two main types of glass.

One is made by using a clear or white glass container with a white cap, and one is made using a dark glass container made of polycarbonate glass.

These glass bakers have a white binder and clear glass tubes inside, but they have different properties than other bong makers.

These are glass bugs.

These plastic bongs have the ability, if you open them, to pour up to 10 drops of the liquid in one go.

If you pour in more than 10 drops, it’ll spill out.

The plastic bong comes with a small tube to hold it in place, which is made out of polystyrene.

The plastic tube in this bong has a plastic rim on the end, which sits on top and holds up a bowl of liquid.

There’s a hole that you can push in and out of the plastic rim to access the liquid.

You’ll notice that the binder is made primarily of plastic.

Here you can see the transparent plastic